mercredi 26 octobre 2016

Chinese are spending like crazy in the Apple App Store

China may be a shrinking market for Apple products, but the App Store is a success among Chinese consumers. After generating $ 1.7 billion in sales of iOS applications in the third quarter, China has become the largest source of income for the App Store. Chinese sales exceeded those of the United States from 15% last quarter, according to a report from the App Annie business analysis published on 20 October The United States was the country most revenue in each quarter since 2010.

$ 1.7 billion in sales of iOS applications 

The report predicts that China's momentum is expected to continue until 2020, and the country will continue to be the main revenue growth driver for the App Store.

The Apple App Store sales in China doubled in 2015 compared to a year earlier. The majority of the increase this quarter was ahead of the games, which generate 75% of revenues. Other categories such as entertainment, social networking, books, and photo and video, all have more than tripled in revenue last year. After the games, entertainment applications showed the strongest revenue increases in China. Applications like iqiyi, Tencent and Youku video has topped the field in the category of video streaming, the report said.

The growing popularity of social media applications also has its roots in streaming video. For example, communication applications such as QQ, Momo and Inke "drive a significant amount of revenue by incorporating streaming video into their communications platforms," ​​said App Annie. Videos can become "a dominant component 'in the social applications and can result in app purchases "via subscriptions and upgraded features," he predicted.

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