mardi 17 décembre 2019

Hottest Fashion Brands in China

What are the top 5 hottest Fashion Brands in China? 
Why are they so hot? 


founded about two decades ago by Zhou Jianping - now among Chinese billionaires - the mainstream male brand, also known as HLA, has grown to be one of the largest clothing companies in the country, operating some 5000 stores, mainly in China.

Anta Sport

Anta Sports, meanwhile, was first recognized for making shoes for badminton players. Today, it is the largest sports company in China and its ambitions are global. He sponsors a handful of NBA players, including Klay Thompson, and recently led the consortium that bought Finnish Amer Sports for $ 5.2 billion, owning brands such as Salomon, Arc’teryx and Wilson.


The two are now among the top performing fashion companies in the world, according to a new report from consulting firm McKinsey & Company and the media The Business of Fashion. He underlines how these Chinese companies develop and become competitive in a sector long dominated by American and European companies. H&M said Friday that its high-end COS clothing brand is partnering with YCloset, a fashion localization platform in China, a move that allows H&M to enter a growing industrial sector.

The COS and YCloset partnership is a three-month trial, according to Reuters, which first reported the news. YCloset is the largest clothing localization platform in China and has 15 million users who were monthly subscription fees, and H&M said the clothing location is a "growing business model, especially in China " H&M, the second largest fashion group in the world, also launched its own rental business on November 29 through its Stockholm flagship which is also a three month trial. According to a 2019 report from the global accounting firm KPMG, H&M's foray into localization comes as sustainable fashion becomes a more important factor in the purchasing decisions of buyers' clothes.


The United States was responsible for 21 million pounds of clothing thrown away in 2015, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, which said that number was a significant increase from 4.6 billion pounds in 1980.

Reusing clothes, however, contributes to sustainability: extending the lifespan of a clothing item by three months contributes to a 10% reduction in its carbon footprint, water and waste, according to a study by the British consultative group Waste and Resource action program. Large number: 10%. It’s the part of the global greenhouse gas emissions that the clothing industry is responsible for - it uses more energy than the shipping and aviation industries, according to the United Nations.

Key context: Fast fashion retailers like H&M are hugely popular and generated $ 44 billion in sales by 2028, while the entire clothing industry was valued at $ 2.5 billion this year. Traditional retailers Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters are also part of the clothing rental. In 2018, the locations generated $ 1 billion in revenue, according to Bloomberg.


Louis Vuitton sees demand in mainland China picking up steam PARIS (Reuters) - Louis Vuitton, LVMH's biggest sales driver, has beefed up stocks of its handbags and other luxury wares to feed its growing online business in mainland China, as Chinese consumers spend more at home, its management told analysts.

Branding is everything in China 

Differentiation is a key success factor for the already very strong competition in the Chinese clothing market, and good positioning is the first step in the competing differentiation strategy. 

The brands can fix the heart of the target and decide on the marketing and digital communication strategy only after the definition of an identified and distinguished position, the magic power of storytelling is also necessary. source agencyChina

dimanche 15 décembre 2019

How to access the Chinese Market? 3 simple tips

 3 simple tips to reach potential Chinese Clients ?

  1. Website in Chinese 
  2. SEO on Baidu 
  3. Good content 

6 Ways SEO Could Help Increase Your Access To The Chinese Market

SEO makes your website visible
What’s the use having great content, products and services on your website, if the people who need them can’t even get access? Your website is the first point of contact for your online audience. Only when found can you generate leads, attract customers, investors and partners through your website. SEO helps make your website visible. This way, users searching for similar content as you have on your website can readily reach it. Good SEO puts in the measures needed for your website to rank high on search engine results. The higher you rank, the more likely people will visit your website for the content they need.
2. Proper SEO connects you with your target audience effectively
With SEO, you can reach out effectively to your target audience. SEO involves the use of the right keywords and key phrases. These keywords and phrases are usually the terms internet users use to make their queries.
This way, SEO positions your website perfectly to show up whenever people make these kind of enquiries.
3. SEO can help boost your sales by driving traffic to your website
The major reason why people use search engines is to make research, research about virtually everything. From reading up posts, to seeking reviews and opinions about products they want to go for, and many more. With proper SEO, you stand to gain from this.
For instance, one can go on Google searching for reviews on a product, say one of Xaomi’s smartphones. On finding good reviews, he or she will most probably follow the first website on the result list. It’s only SEO that can put your website first on the list, and by doing this, your sales will surely see a boost.
4. It impacts the research/buying cycle to boost your sales
SEO can increase your sales without significantly increasing your marketing costs, by ensuring better conversion rates and little incremental costs. How?
With the unexpected downturns obtainable in the Chinese economy, more and more Chinese people are shopping smart, seeking clever deals to make cost effective purchases. By implementing the right and relevant keywords, image optimization, proper website structure and valuable content on your website, you stand to be the first destination for these very many people. With this new traffic, conversion is likely to increase, leading to more sales.