vendredi 27 novembre 2015

Top 5 ways to learn Chinese

You really want to learn Chinese ? You want to perfom in your job and you really want to be able to eal with CHinese everyday ? Yes you need to learn Chinese.

I will in this article give you Tips for Marketers to Learn Chinese. 

You can go to this Website . Method

 This is certainly the best known, out there about ten years already! It's Free Chinese method that paved the way for others. Each lesson is - as with previous methods - accompanied by several audio dialogues, and their share of new vocabulary words. However, we regret that this method is only viewable on the big screen and some of the courses have layout problems, making reading less enjoyable dialogues Chinese.

Learn Chinese

Chinese courses by  Tailormade is a site with a lot of usefull classes for those who want to learn vocabulary list . IT that can be found on many websites similar, though his Chinese method is exclusive and worth seeing. Each lesson is divided into several parts, namely: the vocabulary, writing, grammar, sentence type and finally the dialogue. 

 "... Do you speak Chinese? " The site carried out by the Schools of Mines Group offers six learning modules of the Chinese online. These modules are: preambles, presentation, family, leisure, shopping and food. Courses are offered under Creative Commons license. The presentation is clear, well-organized and courses are also accompanied by audio. Link: 

The Chinese daily" by CCTV The Chinese course offered by CCTV are entirely on video. If they are definitely too fast for real beginners and leave no paper trail, they have the advantage of offering many cultural information. Link:

Talk with Chinese

"Chinese Talk! "With The Chinese official media, "China's Internet Training Centre In" offers on its website twenty lessons to help learning Chinese. Beware though, the lessons are not really progressive and there is no grammar rules to help understanding.

Other language 

In French Learn Chinese with since 1998 offers interesting resources on China and the Chinese language. In the lessons offered by the site, however, you do not have grammar rules or list of new words. They resemble in fact more like a conversation guide.

lundi 7 septembre 2015

5 social network for travel business social media optimization


World’s largest travel site, Tripadvisor is the social network where the audience is more likely to convert to your business. This is where people will look when they are about to book a hotel, a restaurant or a whole trip. They will look for the rating of the place, the location, the overall reviews. Thus, having a full well informed page on Tripadvisor for your business is crucial. You must communicate on it by posting special offers, new photos and by answering traveler’s comments. Moreover, you will be listed on other leading travel websites just by having an account here.

You can do everything you do on Tripadvisor on Foursquare like having a proper page with all the business’ informations, photos and stuff… But the strength of Foursquare is its check-in system. Thanks to all the data which comes with the check-in you will be able to track your customers ; in which venue are they going after or before they come to your business, at what time they usualy check-in in your place etc. You can even improve the experience of a consumer by sending them a frequent customer coupon or reward based on their check-in behavior.

As Instagram is the fastest growing social network and as the two main subjects of this plateform are travel and food, this is one of those you cannot forget. You can target people by pointing to the rights hastags. Moreover, there are more and more tools you can use to automatized your posting process . By a few minutes a day and a good content management you can build a good fan base almost no spending.

The main advantage of Facebook is that nearly everybody is using it. Your page is like a mini website on which fans can like, commente, participate in games, contest etc. Facebook is the best choice when you want to add a lot of details and extensive stories from trips. Captivating content that can be included is: killer photographies and videos of trips you offer, stories and feedback from your customers, important information and advice such as dates of local events of interest, fact sheets, newsletters, itineraries, links to other pages, updates relating to matters of historical interest. Some companies alsooffer booking on Facebook so their customers should never leave the page.


As Instagram, Pinterest is based on pictures. With an good effort on producing nice photos you will show people that your business is the place to be. This social network is a virtual inspiration board for images and videos. People will pinned your photo into their boards showing they are interested in coming to your place. This will influence their friends and could generate a kind of trend in theire circles of friends. - sem campaign

mercredi 18 mars 2015

Build an international profil on your resume

A new resume is also sometimes meaning new start. For some young people starting their new career, it can even mean new start abroad. Then, updating your resume is good; but adapting your resume for building an international profile is much better. Two pages should be enough to defend your recruiter who will spend something like 20 seconds on your resume. You should thus have strong indicators to defend your application.
Your English resume should not be only a translation of your French resume. Specific keywords will also help you to make your profile more catchy and persuasive.
Do not forget to mention your age and the basic information about your background. However, please adapt this information according to the country you target. Indeed, some information is forbidden to appear on your resume in USA or Canada for instance, as well as the picture.

Highlighting your career path and your professional project will be essential, to show your real motivation to the recruiter as well as to insure that the position fit to your expectation.
It can also be useful to add a short sum um of your qualification. It can especially be suitable when you think your profile is perfectly fit for the job offer.
Some positions also require you to can be able to manage specific software. You can define your level with 2 indications: fully literate or working knowledge.

Finally, the language part can be the one deciding on your access to this position. Evaluate precisely your actual level for any language spoken. For that, indicators such as TOEFL, TOEIC or HSK will prove your level. A great score at the TOEFL exam or TOEIC exam will be a required certification for any position abroad.

To practice TOEFL with the good program of preparation will be a great help for your ambition. Find the right tools online and make your resume looks much better with a good score. 

lundi 2 février 2015

The salmon market in China

The salmon market in China

Salmon, a fashionable meal in China

Chinese consumers see salmon as a very fashionable meal and the Chinese demand for salmon turns out to be surging. Chinese people are wealthier and enjoy showing it by consuming luxury products. In restaurants, ordering this fish which is one of the most expensive high-end products is a good means to display one's social status. The consumption of salmon sashimi in Japanese restaurants is becoming a popular trend in China. Moreover, salmon's red colour is an asset to attract Chinese consumers. Indeed, Chinese people pay great attention to the meaning and connotation of the products they consume. And red turns out to be China's colour, as well as a symbol of luck, wealth and power.

China importing salmon to satisfy the growing demand

To satisfy the growing demand for salmon, China imports salmon. Norway and Scotland are among China's salmon suppliers. However, the trade relationships between China and these suppliers have encountered some problems. When Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo received the Peace Nobel Prize in Norway, Norwegian salmon was declared unhealthy by the Chinese authorities. In 2010, when China banned Norwegian salmon imports, it started importing Scottish salmon. Willing to take advantage of this situation and become China's first supplier, Scotland decided to increase its production capacities. To boost productivity and meet the Chinese huge demand, many Scottish salmon farms were bought by Norwegian companies. With Scotland-farmed salmons sold to China, Scottish consumers were made to consume Norwegian salmon. Such a system is today severely criticized and some want to stop it. Indeed, the measures implemented to increase on a large scale Scottish salmon production are harmful to the Scottish marine environment. Moreover, Scottish farms being owned by Norwegian companies, it is pointed out that such a system makes China import Norwegian salmon. Anyway, China's relationships with Norway are now smoothing and Norway's salmon imports to China seem to be recovering. At the same time, environmentalist associations are attacking Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond and are urging China to stop buying Scottish salmon.

Chinese salmon growers determined to attract Chinese consumers

China is the world's biggest aquaculture and local salmon growers are determined to take advantage of the Chinese rising demand for salmon. Consequently, domestic salmon growers, mostly located in Shandong, are increasing their production. Supplying supermarkets, restaurants for salmon, sashimi retailers, they promote the advantage of buying local salmon instead of imported salmon. They argue that fresh local salmon is tastier and healthier than imported frozen salmon. Even if some fresh salmon is also imported, they stress the fact that local salmon reaches consumers sooner than imported salmon and use the popular sales method consisting of killing fish in the supermarket so that consumers try it in the supermarket or a bit later at home. Finally, purchasing local salmon is also economical, a local fish being about two-third the price of an imported one. All those features will certainly make less affluent Chinese people consume more salmon at home, the current situation being that 80% of salmon is consumed in restaurants, and only 20% at home.

China, a secondary processing centre

Despite increasing local supply, Chinese salmon imports are not likely to decline significantly. Indeed, China owns a very developed fish processing industry (to de-bone, fillet, defrost... fish). Consequently, salmon producers such as Russia, Alaska or Canada send salmon to be processed in China. Even if those fish are included in Chinese salmon imports, most of them are sent to the USA to be consumed over there after having been processed in China.