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Boeing in China

Boeing in China

China continues to lead the Asia-Pacific region in the new deliveries. Over the next 20 years, Chinese airlines will require nearly 6,000 new aircraft worth $ 780 billion , representing more than 40 percent of scheduled deliveries in the Asia -Pacific region.

 Chinese GDP

Continued growth With GDP expected to grow 6.4 percent per year over the next 20 years, China's share of global GDP is expected to grow 8.5 percent today to 16 percent in 2032. As Chinese incomes converge towards those historical industrialized countries, a growing middle class will be expected to have a level of lifestyles and consumption comparable . Air traffic continues to be robust. In 2012, traffic from and to China increased by 10.6 percent, according to the CAAC .

The domestic Traffic 

Domestic traffic accounted for 78 percent of total international 20 percent, and the remaining 2 per cent was in Hong Kong , Macao and Taiwan. Over the next 20 years, international travel will grow faster than domestic travel , increasing at an annual rate of 7.2 percent compared to 6.8 percent for domestic travel. Airports in China are rising in rank for shipments and total landings , with Beijing at number 2 in the world , Hong Kong 10 , 19 Guangzhou and Shanghai to 20. Hong Kong ranked as the number 1 cargo airport in terms of metric tons , with 3 Shanghai , Beijing at 14, 21 and Guangzhou . Request tickets As in other parts of the world, single aisle , like 737-800 and the new 737 MAX 8, are the mainstay of the Chinese fleet and will continue to be over time .


 Chinese Aircrafts

Today there are more than 1,650 single-aisle aircraft in service and a backlog of nearly 700 aircraft with airlines and lessors. In the future , China will need 3,900 new aircraft with single aisle aircraft, representing 70 percent of the new deliveries. With the rapid growth in international travel , airlines in the region will 1,440 new large aircraft . The number of new long-haul international markets has increased 135 percent over the past 10 years, with eight new stores opened in 2012 only markets. Airlines continue to seek opportunities to expand their international networks increases flight secondary cities outside Beijing , Shanghai and Guangzhou . Long-haul services currently operates Chengdu , Hangzhou , Xiamen , Chongqing , Sanya , Nanjing , Shenyang , and with the growth trend is expected to continue .

250 advices from SEO experts in China !

250 advices from SEO experts in China ! 

SEO forums has published an article in 2013 with the main criteria of a good SEO for a website in China for Google, Baidu soso and sogou :

You can see new factors of a good ranking: 

- The shares on Facebook, comments and "Like"
- The number of backlinks
- tweets on chinese SNS
- The backlinks with the keyword in the anchor
- The Keywords in URLs
- Images
- The key words in the description correlation seo
And the factors that reduce the SEO:
- The number of words
- Keywords in H1
- The length of the title
- Pubs
- The Adsense advertising
- The position of the keyword in the title ( not first)
Another study in 2013 by Searchmetrics This U.S. study goes a step further, with consideration

 Google Plus :no need
Positive factors :
- Voting on Google Plus
- The Renren shares
- The number of Backlinks
- The shares Pinterest
- Tweetson sina weibo
- Backlinks in no follow
- The optimized backlinks
- The length of the URL
- The number of internal links
- The number of words in anchor links
- The length of the HTML
- The position of keywords in the title and URL
- The number of key words from the country
- The number of words of the article
- ...
us- ranking -factors 2013
And bills that affect the SEO:
- The adsense ads
- The number of characters in the title
- Keywords in H1 tag
Please note: the keywords in the domain name and URL are less important , brand sites are better referenced by Google even if they do not match the criteria SEO , shares on Social Media can improve the SEO, it is important to produce quality content. by

Section SEO baike 

baike the site has published a study on the habits of 254 SEO experts which gives us interesting results you can also apply to optimize your placement in search engines .
Here the most important information to remember : 1 - 2/3 "experts" in SEO less than 5 years of experience in the trade .
This study focused mainly on Americans (64% ) of Canadians ( 12%) and English ( 11% ) reflects the same situation in France :
SEO is a very young profession , with many "experts" who recently launched in SEO (39% have less than 4 years of experience) .

Indeed, the SEO market is still being put in place, with even semi- amateurs who realized there was a niche ( and € ) to take (24 % say do SEO by accident! ) . 2 - The most important for improving the SEO elements are Backlinks ( 48%) and web pages ( 38%).

Again not surprisingly, Backlinks are essential to this day for a good ranking on Google . The proof is  which is very well positioned in many keywords without optimizing excessive ( from the usual title , tags , name pages , images ...) .
- The most important element to optimize the web pages is the title (51%)

Page Content for SEO in China

Then comes the text ( 33%), with of course the key words used , and formatting ( bold ... ) . Other elements such as page names , anchors , titles, meta tags ... are considered minor elements . 4 - The title should be short and punchy , like a slogan (53%) explain Philip QIAN from Gentlemen marketing Agency.

It is obvious : to avoid dilution of keywords, to be more readable , for it is advisable to short titles as a slogan of the press ( you can draw on the securities to a "natural" writing " : 10 tips, 30 tips , 5 keys ... ) .
It is interesting to note that most of SEO experts in China recommend securities with a maximum length of 65 characters and 21% to 70 characters . However 37% of SEOs when keywords are major early as this does not pose a major have longer than normal securities problem.

5 - On the Meta tags , 68% routinely use the Meta Description tag .
79% indicate that they are mainly used to improve the click through rate of pages. 6 - Only 1/3 of SEO experts believe that Meta Keywords are useful.
meta keyword and SEO

7 - On the structure of the code of HTML pages

By SEO Expert
- For NOODP NOYDIR and 21% do not use them and 26% are still using
- For Nofollow : 59 % use them for external links unsafe.
- For Flash and Ajax : 94% say they can use to make SEO .
- For different browsers : 78% test their sites on major internet browsers

8 - The most used tools to generate keywords 

Adwords is Google Keyword tool, wordtracker , Keyword Discovery and Competitive Search.
keyword generator 9-40 % think that PageRank is overrated , but sometimes useful. 10 - The main constraints of SEO is 37% of respondents to the difficulty of being proficient in several areas (development, emarketing ... ) . 11 - Statistics tools most used by SEO experts are Google Analytics ( 41%) and Ominture (16%) 12-50 % of SEO experts are of affiliation.
The most interesting niches for affiliate web, health and XXX .
Affiliate and SEO 13-40 % deactivate the display on the content network ( AdSense ) during their companions Adwords.
To optimize the display on Adsense must target sites on which the ads are displayed, target a specific theme.

19 - What are the reference sites for a beginner in SEO?

1 . SEOMoz ( 16 % )
2 . SEOBook ( 11 % )
3 . Search Engine Land (10%)
4 . Baike( 6 % )
5 .
6 . SEO shifu ( 4%)
7 . Conferences about SEO (3%)
8 . Sina weibo(3%)
9 . Techinasia( 3%)
10 . China Internet Watch( 2 % )

To read the study in full ( and English) , visit this website site.