lundi 12 novembre 2018

The new Luxury Market in China

the way of life : Luxury Style 

There is a curiosity about the way of life of wealth, they are really those who have remained the keys of paradise. It's amazing their influence on us is always wondering how good their lives are. What is it to satisfy all the whims of consumption? It turned out that the Chinese elite is different from its favorite brands: Patek Philippe watches, Mercedes E class cars, Gulfstream jets, Armani suits, Azimut yachts and Louis XIII brandy. They also like to spend money on diamonds, wine, traveling and educating their children. More than 50% of rich parents send their children to schools in the United States and Great Britain. Canada is ranked third, followed by Switzerland. Chinese elites love luxury goods, Italian sports cars and more, they love to show off their talent. More than 50% of the Chinese elite, each with assets of more than 10 million yuan ($ 1.57 million), one million yuan ($ 157,000) and three million yuan a year, source

China luxury Popular Goods 

owns more than three cars. These cars are the white BMW 7 Series, the black Audi A6 long-wheelbase models and the Porsche Cayenne SUV by the new fabulous highway network of China. Luxury concierge clubs that handle the extravagant demands of their guests, such as the location of a private island in the Maldives and the bid for a $ 2 million sports car at an auction in London ,
quickly become indispensable for the Chinese elite.
The British Luxury Club was almost founded in 2000 and served 250,000 customers worldwide, enabling us to create the world's largest and most important luxury lifestyle management services. However, 10 years ago, there were no customers on the Chinese mainland. However, their different consumer behavior vis-à-vis digital applications is certainly a new group of marketing strategies in Chinese industry.

Digital Marketing 

Every detail of the plan must be Digital. Among the Chinese luxury buyers of the Millennium, 71% of all women, and more than half of the respondents living outside China are among the 15 major cities. source
An average of 87 minutes on social media to chat and an average of 75 minutes to browse news feeds, videos or listen to music on average. The journey of the Chinese elite is becoming more fragmented and complicated, to do the delicate online and offline service and to buy directly, the millennial journey of consumers is much more diverse. They will first absorb a lot of information about online products and brands via multiple channels, and thus trigger research incentives. In addition, the approach was not purchased offline, but social media, personal shopper, e-commerce, the brand's official website