dimanche 7 janvier 2018

Chinese Studying in USA have problems to Find jobs, Study says

US receives more Indian students than Chinese Students the USA, according to TNN of New York. US ranks among the top 10 countries to send the largest number of students to Chinese universities, according to the report, adding that China has now become another most favored country of international students after the UK.

Education can be effective channel to bring China ! 

Although the relationship between Beijing and New Delhi has been bogged down after the impasse in Doklam and the intrusion of the Indian drone into Chinese airspace, the two countries have had close educational and cultural exchanges in recent years.

Indian Students VS Chinese

China has become an increasingly popular destination for Indians leaving their shores for higher education, especially with the advent of the Belt and Road initiative. While the Indian government is reluctant to join the initiative, China's preferential policies to countries along the way are undoubtedly attractive, attracting Indian students to study and work here. In addition, Chinese universities are progressing in the world rankings and thus enjoying greater credibility with international students than before.

The number of students studying in China has increased by more than 20%, according to a survey co-commissioned by the Center for China and Globalization, the Southwest University of Finance and Economy and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2017.
source : http://www.boomeon.com/posts/language-teaching-trends-in-british-schools

As a vital channel for improving mutual understanding, education is of particular importance for improving Sino-Indian ties. In addition, many Indian students are looking to pursue a career in medicine and engineering, and may choose to work in China, a country with advanced medical and engineering industries, after graduation. Intense educational communications can play an important role in helping Indians learn more about China, an effective way to reduce tensions in relations between Beijing and New Delhi. source http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1083748.shtml

Chinese Education Economy 

As emerging powers, the two countries should learn from each other and cooperate for joint development. Last year, India's largest computer education company, the National Institute of Information Technology, opened a training center in China's Guizhou Province for big data professionals. Cooperation projects such as this one should be encouraged and supported in order to deepen mutual understanding and improve interpersonal exchanges.
In contrast, Chinese educational institutions should encourage and send more students to India. Some Indians complain that the number of Chinese students in India trails far behind their students in Chinese universities. More preferential policies should be introduced to stimulate two-way educational communications. Meanwhile, a safer environment in India can help it attract more international students, in which the country should invest more effort.

In general, both countries see increasing educational and cultural exchanges in recent years, the effects of which on the Sino-Indian relationship are invaluable.

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