vendredi 27 novembre 2015

Top 5 ways to learn Chinese

You really want to learn Chinese ? You want to perfom in your job and you really want to be able to eal with CHinese everyday ? Yes you need to learn Chinese.

I will in this article give you Tips for Marketers to Learn Chinese. 

You can go to this Website . Method

 This is certainly the best known, out there about ten years already! It's Free Chinese method that paved the way for others. Each lesson is - as with previous methods - accompanied by several audio dialogues, and their share of new vocabulary words. However, we regret that this method is only viewable on the big screen and some of the courses have layout problems, making reading less enjoyable dialogues Chinese.

Learn Chinese

Chinese courses by  Tailormade is a site with a lot of usefull classes for those who want to learn vocabulary list . IT that can be found on many websites similar, though his Chinese method is exclusive and worth seeing. Each lesson is divided into several parts, namely: the vocabulary, writing, grammar, sentence type and finally the dialogue. 

 "... Do you speak Chinese? " The site carried out by the Schools of Mines Group offers six learning modules of the Chinese online. These modules are: preambles, presentation, family, leisure, shopping and food. Courses are offered under Creative Commons license. The presentation is clear, well-organized and courses are also accompanied by audio. Link: 

The Chinese daily" by CCTV The Chinese course offered by CCTV are entirely on video. If they are definitely too fast for real beginners and leave no paper trail, they have the advantage of offering many cultural information. Link:

Talk with Chinese

"Chinese Talk! "With The Chinese official media, "China's Internet Training Centre In" offers on its website twenty lessons to help learning Chinese. Beware though, the lessons are not really progressive and there is no grammar rules to help understanding.

Other language 

In French Learn Chinese with since 1998 offers interesting resources on China and the Chinese language. In the lessons offered by the site, however, you do not have grammar rules or list of new words. They resemble in fact more like a conversation guide.