lundi 7 septembre 2015

5 social network for travel business social media optimization


World’s largest travel site, Tripadvisor is the social network where the audience is more likely to convert to your business. This is where people will look when they are about to book a hotel, a restaurant or a whole trip. They will look for the rating of the place, the location, the overall reviews. Thus, having a full well informed page on Tripadvisor for your business is crucial. You must communicate on it by posting special offers, new photos and by answering traveler’s comments. Moreover, you will be listed on other leading travel websites just by having an account here.

You can do everything you do on Tripadvisor on Foursquare like having a proper page with all the business’ informations, photos and stuff… But the strength of Foursquare is its check-in system. Thanks to all the data which comes with the check-in you will be able to track your customers ; in which venue are they going after or before they come to your business, at what time they usualy check-in in your place etc. You can even improve the experience of a consumer by sending them a frequent customer coupon or reward based on their check-in behavior.

As Instagram is the fastest growing social network and as the two main subjects of this plateform are travel and food, this is one of those you cannot forget. You can target people by pointing to the rights hastags. Moreover, there are more and more tools you can use to automatized your posting process . By a few minutes a day and a good content management you can build a good fan base almost no spending.

The main advantage of Facebook is that nearly everybody is using it. Your page is like a mini website on which fans can like, commente, participate in games, contest etc. Facebook is the best choice when you want to add a lot of details and extensive stories from trips. Captivating content that can be included is: killer photographies and videos of trips you offer, stories and feedback from your customers, important information and advice such as dates of local events of interest, fact sheets, newsletters, itineraries, links to other pages, updates relating to matters of historical interest. Some companies alsooffer booking on Facebook so their customers should never leave the page.


As Instagram, Pinterest is based on pictures. With an good effort on producing nice photos you will show people that your business is the place to be. This social network is a virtual inspiration board for images and videos. People will pinned your photo into their boards showing they are interested in coming to your place. This will influence their friends and could generate a kind of trend in theire circles of friends. - sem campaign