mercredi 18 mars 2015

Build an international profil on your resume

A new resume is also sometimes meaning new start. For some young people starting their new career, it can even mean new start abroad. Then, updating your resume is good; but adapting your resume for building an international profile is much better. Two pages should be enough to defend your recruiter who will spend something like 20 seconds on your resume. You should thus have strong indicators to defend your application.
Your English resume should not be only a translation of your French resume. Specific keywords will also help you to make your profile more catchy and persuasive.
Do not forget to mention your age and the basic information about your background. However, please adapt this information according to the country you target. Indeed, some information is forbidden to appear on your resume in USA or Canada for instance, as well as the picture.

Highlighting your career path and your professional project will be essential, to show your real motivation to the recruiter as well as to insure that the position fit to your expectation.
It can also be useful to add a short sum um of your qualification. It can especially be suitable when you think your profile is perfectly fit for the job offer.
Some positions also require you to can be able to manage specific software. You can define your level with 2 indications: fully literate or working knowledge.

Finally, the language part can be the one deciding on your access to this position. Evaluate precisely your actual level for any language spoken. For that, indicators such as TOEFL, TOEIC or HSK will prove your level. A great score at the TOEFL exam or TOEIC exam will be a required certification for any position abroad.

To practice TOEFL with the good program of preparation will be a great help for your ambition. Find the right tools online and make your resume looks much better with a good score.