lundi 18 mars 2019

Why WeChat (still) is important for Marketing in China?

Why is WeChat Marketing is still important?

First, in the first quarter of 2018, WeChat reached the threshold of one billion active users per month on its platform and nearly 900 million users per day. This represents a huge opportunity for any brand wishing to become known in the most competitive market in the world. Even if WeChat started with a very basic messaging service, their range of services has grown so much that it has become need in China. people's life. Here are some examples of what you can do with WeChat: send messages and call your friends (obviously), scroll through the news about your friends (feed containing text, videos, photos, a link displayed under the name "Moments"), use your app to pay in stores (online or offline), buy train / plane tickets, order food, and much more! According to WeChat Impact Report 2018, Wechat represents only 34% of total data traffic in China! WeChat manages people's lives, it's not a simple "addictive" application.

What WeChat Business Can do for you?

You will need to register your trademark as an official account. You basically have 2 options: You can sign up for a subscription account or a service account. They both have advantages and disadvantages as to your goals (beware, you will need a commercial license "执照" as well as a WeChat Pay account). If you do not have it, we can help you.
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Subscription account: With a subscription account, your business is more focused on its content. Your content is accessible in the SERP of the search engine integrated into the WeChat ecosystem. You have the option to send a push notification to engage your audience daily. However, this notification is "hidden" in the folder where all notifications from the subscription account are sent. Service account: the company focuses on the user. Your maximum number of push notifications is 4 per month, but the notification is more visible than the subscription account because they appear as a personal conversation in the user's message flow. With this account, you can create a closer relationship with the user via chats, loyalty programs, and more.
WeChat Shops Once you're done, to choose and establish your business account, you need to know how you will sell your products:
You can create your own website with built-in HTML5 pages to access the Wechat features of your website. But that means you have to manage everything (coding the website, designing, while performing administrative tasks related to your launch in the Chinese market).
You can create a WeChat mini-program, which is a great opportunity for many reasons. First, it is much less expensive than investing in a real website / application. Secondly, it is user-friendly, which means that users do not have to force themselves to download a native application. In particular, when the brand is new to them, it is convenient to discover a brand already integrated into the WeChat ecosystem.

Use an already established e-commerce platform: your shop can be integrated with these platforms, they allow you to start on a solid foundation and for a reasonable amount. However, this also limits your freedom in terms of design and restricts your control over your actions on the platform.

Automation of WeChat marketing

WeChat provides a very useful tool, which can make your first exchange with users very informative and useful for you.

Automatic Tool: This tool allows you to create a special auto-reply message based on the situation. When you subscribe to your Wechat account, you only have 5 messages to get to know it better. So you can start by creating a welcome message, and then establish an automatic response based on the keyword found in the message sent by the user. Finally, you have automatic replies to messages that correspond to a message sent to the user to indicate that it will be re-contacted soon (because no keyword has been recognized by the automatic response keyword tool. .
This is a tool included in the WeChat platform, but you can also call third parties to give you some really smart tools that will help you improve your customer service and operate the WeChat platform.

Wechat Marketing strategy: increase brand awareness!

Publish content regularly! The Best Factors of Your Factor. Evaluate articles about your company to show your expertise. You can also view and talk about your products and services - take the angle that best suits your business. If your company is in technology, you can talk about it, and so on. If your business is traditional food, you can talk about other recipes. Finally, if you are in fashion or perfumes, why not tell your story? WeChat in has an ecosystem in fine and has a self-challenge in a problems and an intern to buy your account. That's why they tell you they have to make a perfect first impression! Be creative, do not limit yourself to text, you can add images, videos and so on. Launch marketing campaigns: brands can launch marketing campaigns to engage customers. It can be an article whose limits have been published to win a prize. Or organizer of a special contest that involves customers.


KOL Promotion: Key Opinion Leaders are a very useful player for any business. They are influential personalities who have been mainly on social networks and who have been easily converted. You can do a marketing campaign using your content, your online content, your campaign or your online marketing campaign. create a contest engaging their community, etc.). They are effective, they are interwoven with close relationships with the community. That's why they have so much influence and are considered essential.

KOL can be very expensive, if you opt for this type of promotion, choose wisely the KOL you want to work with, make sure he / she is targeting the right consumers for you. Plus, you want a cheaper personality, they are always, as they always are, they are always authentic. Small brands, run!

Wechat Conclusion 

We are going through the strategy of your market for the Chinese market, without any part of your budget and your time at WeChat. As mentioned above, you have different ways to take advantage of this platform, for all types of budget. And the Fear and New Year to Profitable Strategy!

For example, the grouping and tagging feature, provided by third parties, allows you to automatically categorize your subscribers into groups of specific criteria (gender, city, age, etc.). What is practical