jeudi 22 mai 2014

China wants to develop technology in Africa

China invests a lot in technology in Africa

" China will continue to put first and foremost the investments, especially in the development of technology in its cooperation with the African continent ", indicated Li Keqiang to delegations in the second day of the world economic Forum on Africa which has just taken place from 7 till 9 May to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.
China and other powers will continue to strengthen the relations with Africa because of the important place which it occupies in the program of the world business. China chose to increase its investments as well as its economic relations with the African continent. The African continent is an important cradle for the world civilization.

Africa is looking to technological revolution

According to Chinese study, " Africa is consequently, also, a pole of major growth. With more than 1 500 ethnic groups and more than 2 000 different languages, Africa is rich in its cultural heritage. Such a cultural diversity completely exposed on the continent makes of Africa a pole colored in the human civilization. «Africa is ready for technological revolution.
For China study, " the progress of Africa as new pole will engender a more democratic, stable, dynamic and colored world, and will facilitate the peace, the development and the progress in the world. « He indicated that China already worked with Africa to make level to spend a technological course to favor the development of educational, medical applications in Africa. Some start-up, as Mysimax and JX Paulin, started to develop such programs to contribute to African rise.
«China is ready to supply supports with financing, with staffs and with technologies for the development of infrastructures in Africa. China will intensify its investments and its financial cooperation with Africa by giving additional 10 billion dollar credits in its credit line promised on a 30 billion dollar total and by adding another one 2 billion dollar adds to make of the Collection of Sino-African development a 5 billion dollar total.

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