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Lenovo, the Chinese Dragon

Lenovo, the Chinese Dragon 

The 2005 acquisition of IBM PC , Lenovo Group was illustrated with dramatic slope of the computer industry in the United States to China: in smartphones today the acquisition of Motorola, the Chinese giant confirms its global ambitions .

For industry observers certainly try to repeat with Lenovo Motorola in smartphones niche breakthrough recorded in the IBM PC .

About the group

The Chinese group in fact has become the leading manufacturer of the world? Personal computers , after a rapid internationalization that saw conquer new markets, especially in emerging countries. "Lenovo strives to be an e-business " global " in geographical terms but also in terms of products ," says Jean -François Dufour , director of China -DCA analysis .

Less than two years after seeing bought Motorola, Google announced Wednesday the sale of smartphones of the brand Lenovo for $ 2.91 billion in cash and stock . The U.S. Internet giant said to maintain " the vast majority" of the patent portfolio of Motorola Mobility. Lenovo , from a small company founded in 1984 in Beijing by a handful of engineers, making the brand and its already launched or in the pipeline Motorola products. A commitment to the Chinese group , as evidenced by the collapse of its share price , once the transaction is met .
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The acquisition of Motorola smartphones

The acquisition of Motorola smartphones Lenovo provides " the opportunity to immediately become a strong global player in the fast growing sector of smartphones ," he assured her side Yang Yuanqing , CEO of the Chinese group . Unlike what s ? It happened with the acquisition of the PC ? IBM, " this node is not the transfer of technologies relevant to the Chinese electronics giant ? " Analysis of Mr. Dufour . According to Lenovo 's motivation in the acquisition "is the carrier still mark consisting of the story ? Motorola. " Chinese giant suffers from a "Chinese barracks " in smartphones , although recorded in 2012-2013 a ' meteoric rise "who? He led a third of worldwide sales (behind Samsung and Apple ) in the third quarter of 2013.
"Sales are Lenovo computers ? 40 % in China, but 60 % in the rest of the world. Instead , it is very recent appearance on smartphones remains focused on China , which absorbs 95 % of sales compared to only 5% for international ? "explains the CEO .

Compared to the PC industry , the smartphone market "is a very different field of confrontation with existing players such as Apple and Samsung , which lead the way ," says Varun Goel, Karvy brokerage .

"Lenovo has experience in hardware, while more intelligent software that advance the industry of smartphones today," said the specialist. However, " no one is sure that with this acquisition shareholders Lenovo is in the long term," tempers .explain Pauline
The official New China News Agency in a commentary this week, expected to Lenovo , Motorola alliance will succeed in optimism rather than doubt. He expressed a wish while several Chinese groups have expressed concern in recent years in the United States.

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