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Market Of Chinese outbound Tourism

 Market Of Chinese outbound Tourism 

Top 25 destinations for Chinese in 2012 Destination - (000 trips) - Growth 2012%
1 Hong Kong -
2 Macau - 
3 South Korea -
4 Thailand -
5 Taiwan -
6 Singapore -
7 United States -
8 Japan
9 Vietnam -
10 Malaysia -
11 France -
12 Russia -
13 Germany - 
14 Switzerland -
15- Australia -
16 Indonesia -
17 Austria -
18 Cambodia - 
19 UAE -
20 Philippines -
21- Italy -
22 Canada
23 New Zealand 
24 UK-
25 Mongolia

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or several millennia , ordinary people in China were discouraged from venturing beyond the Middle Kingdom , but before the holidays, the recent New Year Year of the Rabbit began on February 3rd local newspapers were dense with announcements of international travel. It was as if everyone was getting away , and I decided to join them.

Travel industry! 

When the Chinese travel industry polls the public on its dream destinations , no place ranks higher than Europe. Travel agents in China to compete by carving visits comply within Western notions of a great ride for the likes and dislikes of their customers. I scanned offers online : "Big Plazas, Big Windmills , Big Gorges" was a bus tour of four days emphasized photogenic countryside in the Netherlands and Luxembourg , " Visit the new and aspiring to the past Eastern Europe " had a cold spell of the war, but I was not sure that I had in February.

European Classic Tour! 

I chose the " European Classic" , a popular bus tour through five countries in ten days. Payment was due at the front. Flights , hotels , meals, insurance and assorted fresh came to the yuan equivalent of about twenty- two hundred dollars. In addition, each member of the Chinese tour had to pay a deposit in the amount of 70 to $ 600 , more than two years' salary for the average worker to prevent anyone from disappearing before the flight home. I was a member of the thirty- eighth and final group . We would leave the next morning at dawn.

I was told to proceed to the door of No. 25 terminal 2 of Shanghai Pudong International Airport, where I found a forty-three , thin man in a gray tweed overcoat and rectangular glasses . He had floppy, parted hair, and introduced himself as Li Xingshun our guide. To identify ourselves in the crowd , each of us has received a lapel badge bearing a yellow canary cartoon dragon with clouds of smoke from his nostrils , striding in hiking boots above our motto: " The dragon goes for Ten Thousand Li " ( Li A is approximately one third of a mile ).

Chinese Package Leaving in Group

We settled in China coach on a non -stop flight to Frankfurt Air , and I opened a Chinese package " Tips leaving group, " which we were invited to read carefully. The specificity of the instructions offered a history of surprises : " Do not travel with imitations of European goods , because customs inspectors will seize and penalize you . " There was an intense focus on staying safe in Europe. "You will see Gypsies begging beside the road, but do not give them money. If they crowd around and ask to see your purse , yell for the guide. " Conversing with strangers was discouraged " If someone asks you to help him take a picture of him attention . . This is an excellent opportunity for thieves "I had been in and out of Europe over the years , but the instructions set in a new light , and I was strangely reassured traveling with three dozen others and a guide. Notes made ​​with a piece of Confucius style advice that framed our journey as a test of character : "He who can endure hardship should continue ."

We landed in Frankfurt in thick fog and gathered in the terminal for the first time as a complete group. We were six years old Lü Keyi his seventy years , grandfather , Liu Gongsheng , a mining engineer retired, escorting his wife , Huang Xueqing , in her wheelchair . Almost everyone owned sector of Chinese society numbering between one hundred fifty million and two hundred million people , who qualifies as middle class in the country : a science teacher in high school, an interior decorator , a leader of property , a designer for a television station , a gaggle of students. There was nothing of the campaign of my companions rare glimpse of a horse grazing in a french pasture the next day sent everyone scrambling for the cameras, even though they have only begun to be comfortable in the world. With few exceptions , it was the first trip of everyone outside Asia .

He introduced me , the lone non- Chinese member of the group, and everyone offered a warm welcome. Ten years Liu Yifeng , who had a bowl cut and wore a black sweatshirt covered in white stars , smiled and asked: "Is it all foreigners have noses that big ?" 

We rode in a car of gold , which shuddered to life. I took a window seat and was joined by one of eighteen , robust in a black puffy jacket and glasses wire. He had long black fringe and a suggestion of whiskers on his upper lip. He introduced himself as Xu Nuo , Chinese, whose name means "promise" , he liked to use as an English name . Promise was a freshman at Shanghai Normal University , where he studied economics and shared two sets of bunk beds with three roommates. His parents were sitting in the driveway. I asked him why his family chose instead to travel to visit relatives during the holidays. " It's tradition , but the Chinese get richer, " he said. "Besides, we're too busy to travel to the rest of the year. " We spoke in Chinese , but he was surprised when he said: " Oh , my Lady Gaga! " An English expression he had picked up at school.

the Guide

In the front row of the bus , Li faced the group with a microphone in hand , a position he would retain most of our waking hours in the days to come. In the life of a Chinese tourist , guides play a particularly prominent role translator , storyteller, and marshal - and Li provides a calm and experienced air. He often spoke of himself in the third person -Guide Li and he prided himself on efficiency.
"Everyone , our watches to be synchronized , " he said. "It is now 7:16 p.m. " He begged us five minutes earlier for each departure. " We flew all the way here," he said . "Let us make the best of it .

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