lundi 8 février 2016

Social Media in China, Trends 2016

In the days following his election victory, users could continent across the Great Wall and launch an attack to coordinate drags on Facebook profile page Taiwan president elected Tsai Ing-wen. Last week also saw cyberspace surfers turning into a "battlefield" to defend the declaration of Taiwanese pop star Show Luo he is Chinese, and to attack the media forums SETN Taiwanese Taiwan.

The organization of these cyber attacks came from the version of the mainland 4chan, Di Ba ( "帝 吧"), an online community consisting mostly young. It was widely reported that the organizers have coordinated master of the attacks, with different groups of people assigned to write comments, comments translate from and to simplified characters traditional characters or English, loving comments, and creation of Internet memes. They called their attack "帝 吧 出征 FB", a literal translation of "military expedition to Facebook Di Ba". source

While most of the continent's media said cyber attacks as a natural outpouring of nationalism by the youth of China, the mainland authorities are likely to be too wary of thousands of effects to expose, if not millions, people to the Internet open for allowing such a thing. The extent and nature of planned attacks suggest the work of wumaos ( "五毛 黨") or a semblance of it.
This raises the question - what is the effectiveness of the recruitment of a wumaos army to wage war on social media against free and open societies?
Throughout China in 2014 was 4 seasons that the social network's reputation has declined, but there is another story for 2015. In recent years, China has been regarded as one of the largest Internet using countries in the world, ahead of the United States. 636 million Internet users, close to 500,000 spend 25 hours seven days on their mobile devices instead of on a computer source. In comparison, the United States, despite being thought to be very "connected" totaled 319 million mobile Internet users.
Chinese spend on average 25 hours per week on the Internet 44% of Chinese use WeChat more than 5 times a night. 600 million effective users on WeChat (**)
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Chinese Internet is complex and changing There are several factors that the Chinese market is indeed large and complex. Least, is that the Chinese really like mobile Internet applications and new Internet platforms have made their appearances in the Chinese market.

Weibo, China's Twitter, is in Free Fall Come July 1st 2015, Twitter had over 316 million users, however, limited by its rule of a maximum of 140 characters by Twitter, Weibo has almost considered his place. Weibo, Sina Weibo originally, was launched in the Chinese market as a Twitter equivalent last year.

With similarities to Twitter, Weibo has grown rapidly on the social network to advertise in China. OnlyLyon the Weibo be the cause of the city of Lyon in France, managed to acquire several followers and operated the open market industry through its assistance Weibo.
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