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University in China

University in China

The network of the Universities of Technology (UT) counts since February 14th, 2005 four establishments. Aiming to be to be an innovative model in the training of executives and the student mobility, the UTseuS (University of Sino-European Technology of Shanghai), arisen from the will of three presidents of the network of the universities of technology UTBM ( Belfort-Montbéliard ) - UTC ( Compiègne) - UTT ( Troyes), proposes in four Chinese promotions, trainings in IT engineering, mechanical engineering, biological engineering today and science of materials.
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Student from UT work in some of the best firms in China

In spring, 2010 was signed an agreement between the School of superior Technology (ETS) of Montreal and the network of the UT concerning the student mobility and the participation of the ETS in the development of Master's degrees in the UTSEUS. From the year 2010-2011, students in engineer's training in the ETS will so be offered the possibility of coming to follow a half-year of court in Shanghai followed by an internship, whereas the students stemming from the UTSEUS will have the possibility of making a pursuit of studies in the ETS at the end of their stay in UT.
The University of Shanghai, created in 1994, is the result of a fusion of four universities, with a total staff of 30 000 students, any confused cycles. It is financed by the municipality of Shanghai and is classified among 45 better Chinese universities on more than 1 600 establishments.
This multidisciplinary establishment (more than 200 faculties and different institutes) was selected by the network of the UT(C) for its geographical situation, its closeness of the French and European industrial fabric and its development process.

THE UTSeuS is an establishment created in 2005 on the initiative of three partners of the network of the UT (Compiègne, Troyes and Belfort-Montbéliard) and a Chinese partner who is the University of Shanghai. This university site is located in Shanghai, which is zone economically speaking very important because 400 of 600 bigger companies of the world are implanted there, not only to work in China but more globally in Asia, including in Japan, in Korea or still in South-East Asia. All in all, it is approximately 750 Chinese students who study in the UTSeuS for three years.
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